Lisa Hennessy

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“I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. I want them to have complete confidence that they understand Christ’s mysterious plan, which is Christ  himself.” —Colossians 2:2 (NLT)

About Knit, Pray, Share

We are all threads in God’s tapestry. Every single one of us is a part of God’s masterpiece. The “Threads with Red"  is a reminder of the blood Christ shed for us on the cross.

As a Christian who knits and crochets, making items to share with others is a way for me to share God’s love through what I create with my hands and heart.

This blog is about sharing the love of Jesus with those that are in need of encouragement. As someone who knits/crochets, I’d like to share stories of how what we have made has touched our lives and also touched the lives of the recipient of our gift. 

I ask that you start and end each project you make to give away with the color red. Not only does this make our project unique but it also symbolizes  how we are sealed with the blood of Christ from the beginning to the end.

With all of the hate and animosity in our world today, we need more people spreading God’s love to others. Knitting a hat, scarf or coffee cup cozy for another person seems as good a place as any to start on a radical mission of love.

I plan on memorizing a monthly scripture as I knit. I will share it at the beginning of every month. Please share photos of what you are making or when you give someone your gift by using the hashtag #ThreadsWithRed and #knitprayshare.

I have a page with links to free patterns as well as a tag you can download and attach to the gifts you make. The instructions on the tag encourage the recipient to post photos on social media if your gift made a difference in their day.

Check out my mission project tab. I encourage you to participate in making items for it. Since Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation (FoPRR) and Knitted Knockers are always in need of items,  they  will be ongoing mission projects. However, when I hear of some short term needs, I will let you know of those as well.  

I have been knitting for nearly fifteen years. It was a selfish hobby I started to fill idle time during my children’s activities. However, after I found knitting, it became a new form of therapy to help me relax. It has been a way to help me channel my anxiety. As I knit, I am able to pray and take my focus off of my problem and put my eyes where they belong….on our Lord and Savior.

I am not a master knitter. I like quick and easy projects. The garter stitch is a close friend of mine. I also enjoy teaching others how to knit. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and want to learn to knit, send me an email so that I can either direct you to local knitting classes or online resources. 

My faith journey began 23 years ago. I was happily married with a precious 2-year-old son and five months pregnant with my daughter. In a matter of minutes that picture perfect life was torn and shattered. I stood on a beach in Cabo San Lucas crying out to a God that I didn’t really know, asking Him to save my husband from the riptide that had swept him into the ocean. He didn’t survive. I was devastated. Being a pregnant, single mom really wasn’t part of my life plan.

Through that painful time of grieving, rather than be angry toward God, I ended up finding a relationship with a Living God that I hadn’t ever known or felt before. I found a peace that surpasses all understanding. Writing during that sorrowful time was therapeutic for me. I wrote a book called “Widowed and Young…Learning a New Way of Life.” While it is no longer in print, I still reach out to widowed people by knitting them  prayer shawls when I hear about their spouse’s death.

I have now been happily married for 18 years to a man who has loved me better than I could have ever imagined and has loved and embraced my children as his own. Praise God, we serve a God of such grace and mercy who gives us second (third, fourth, zillionth…) chances.